Louis L.

I am a  25 year old Hamburg-based artist. By leaving my birthplace after finishing highschool i started broadening my vision and kept on moving ever since. Inspired by various musicians, artists, cultures, lifestyles and my family i try to bring art to existence and enrich the world by doing so.


My passion for creating music erupted in 2014 by discovering the pantam. This young instrument led to a turning point and opened up new doors such as the production of various bags and accessories like handpan bags, backpacks for everyday use and chalk bags for climbing. All of these are handcrafted in Germany. New ideas and directions are also very welcome. For any custom bag or improvement 


The pantam also helped immensely with understanding music better and furthermore, dig deeper into the world of electronic music.


Having a family which functions as classical multi-instrumentalists, teachers and grounding sources of  comfort I am well-used to absorbing sound and finding comfort in tranquility.

Apart form "working", which I really enjoy, I also love cooking, squashing, hiking, snowboarding & not shaving, so in case you meet me in the real-world, which you are very welcome to, just imagine the picture on the right with a lot more hair :)


Right now I find myself in an intense phase of discovery and skill-training into different directions. 


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