Louis L.

I am a 27 year old Hamburg-based artist. By leaving my birthplace after finishing high-school I started broadening my vision and kept on moving ever since. Inspired by various musicians, artists, cultures, lifestyles and my family I am focused on creation and enriching the world.


My passion for creating music erupted early in life and got deepened by discovering the handpan. This young instrument led to a turning point and opened up new doors such as the production of various accessories like bags, backpacks for everyday use and clothes. All of these are handcrafted by me in Germany. New ideas and directions are all very welcome. For any custom bag or improvement I invite you to get in touch with me here.


The handpan also helped immensely with understanding music better and furthermore, dig deeper into the world of electronic music which I explore in my project 'Four Birds'. The name is a collective term for friends, music, animals and nature. Things I value the most in life.


Having a family which functions as classical multi-instrumentalists, teachers and grounding sources of comfort I am well-used to absorbing sound and finding comfort in tranquility which I transmit via the music I write.

Apart from working, which I really enjoy, I also love cooking, squashing, hiking, snowboarding & not shaving. So in case you meet me in the real-world, which you are very welcome to, just imagine the picture on the right with a lot more hair :)


Right now I find myself in an intense phase of discovery and skill-training into different directions - and probably will until my consciousness forbids. 


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My current set of instruments

Taopan G Pygmy, A2 minor

Jan Tao is a Handpan builder from Germany. Jans Workshop is located near Köln, Düsseldorf in the beauty of the Eifel. His instruments - Taopan Handpans - are professional Sound Sculptures that are played by artists all around the world. They have a beautiful finish, touch and resonance. I include several Taopan Handpans in my set. You can feel that they have a soul and that Jan puts a lot of love in every single one of his creations. This still is real craftmanship.

If you would like to know more about Taopan Handpans, check Jans Website 

Ayasa C# Goonkali 20, E Raja 17

The Ayasa team around the founder Ralf is based in Almere, Netherlands. Their instruments are well established in the scene and have a high reputation. The sound is very balanced. The look is super clean and aesthetic. Over time i played a lot of handpans by Ayasa on a wide variety of my releases. Especially in recordings they are nice to work with, because they don't need much post-production. I consider the team long time friends which handle their business, customers and friends very professionally, with a lot of respect.

If you would like to know more about Ayasas, check their Website

Disco Armonico F Oxalis

Marco della Ratta, based in Italy, is one of the first handpan makers. Since 2006 he is developing his sound. Disco Armonicos are the outcome of years of experiments with different materials and designs. They are all handmade. His focus is on the sustain of the notes. I got my first handpan, which is a Disco Armonico, in July 2014 and am playing it ever since. To me it is a very warm instrument, has a lot of sustain and volume as well as a great size ( a bit smaller than a standard handpan ).

If you would like to know more about Disco Armonicos, check Marco on Facebook

Echo Sound Sculpture D Lalanta

Ezahn Bueraheng, founder of the Echo Sound Sculpture, Valerio and Falvio are based in Switzerland. The AsaChan ( ESS ) is a singing sound vessel made from steel. The name AsaChan derived from the Thai word “อัศจรรย์” which means “miraculous”. The AsaChan is an instrument for peaceful playing as well as serious musicianship. Since my very first steps into the world of handpans, i was fascinated by the beauty and warmth of these instruments. So when i bought my first Echo Sound Sculpture, it was a dream come true. 

If you would like to know more about Ezahn's creations, check his Website