I regularly teach workshops about Handpans ranging from complete beginner courses to intermediate levels. Beginner classes are limited to a maximum of five participants. Instruments will be provided. Content will cover touch, scales, sound possibilities, instrument builders, how to choose your first Handpan and signs of quality. 

Participate in a workshop here.

Intermediate workshops will cover music theory, notation, advanced finger techniques, individual playing analysis, performing on more than one instrument at a time and vertical playing. 

After having participated in a workshop, one-on-one lessons are available on- and offline. To get more information about upcoming workshops and pricing, please subscribe or use the contact form. On the right you can listen to some of my students on various skill levels.

If you want to learn at your own pace, you can do that by following the notations in my book 'the song method'

If you just want to try handpans or find one for yourself, please check the Handpan Atelier Hamburg, where I offer instruments for sale, retuning services and accessories.

The location for workshops and Atelier is Hamburg Neugraben. One-on-one lessons are available in Hamburg Ottensen as well.

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